How We Operate

East European Resource Centre’s guiding principles are:

+ Strategic approach to development underpinned by evidence of need

+ Excellent quality of service and user care

+ Engagement with stakeholders and partnership delivery

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Strategy 2015 – 2020

EERC strategy outlines how our vision, mission and activities are bound together in order to achieve the best outcomes for Eastern Europeans in London. The strategy is available here >>> EERC Strategy 2015 – 2020

Quality assurance and user care

EERC is accountable to a number of bodies that guarantee high-quality of our services. We are registered with the Charity Commission and Companies House to safeguard the highest standards of running charitable organisations and social enterprises. We are registered with the Office of Immigration Services’ Commissioner that guarantee legality and quality of our immigration services, as well as with Financial Conduct Authority for purposes of debt advice.

Quality of our direct work with users is assured by Advice Quality Standard mark. AQS mark prescribes procedures, policies and attitudes towards information and advice activity in order to safeguard the best interest of our users as well as accountability to them for work we perform for them and on their behalf.

We are driven by care for the most disadvantaged Eastern Europeans in London and all those who seek help and resources from our charity. This commitment to their welfare and security of services is enshrined in our User Charter 2015.

Partnership and cooperation

The mission of our charity relates to helping those Eastern Europeans in London who require knowledge, skills and resources to improve their lives and become fully integrated members of the London family. We cannot achieve this goal alone. This is why we need strong, productive relationships with stakeholders to make change happen. Our Partnership Strategy outlines priorities and approaches to cooperation.

Public agencies and local authorities

We welcome public, health and local authorities to engage with us so that Eastern Europeans receive services, representation and voice equal to all members of the London diverse communities. We want Eastern European migrants to have access to services, opportunities to voice concerns and opinions on local and regional levels, and fair representation of their interests.

As a champion of matters important to disadvantaged Eastern Europeans, we will seek engagement with various regional and local agencies and bodies to promote solutions that lead to integration, equality and voice. Our Director is keen to arrange a chat if there is a gap or a concern relating Eastern European Londoners.

Voluntary and community sector

We believe in exchange of good practice and experience as well as increase of accessibility of services for our users that all can be achieved in mutually beneficial relationships with partners from the charitable and community sector. We encourage joint delivery in all aspects that have the potential to improve quality of life and integration outcomes for Eastern European migrants: through frontline delivery, information, outreach, campaigning and policy influencing.

The civil society, part of which are charities and community groups, play a pivotal role in integration of migrants into the mainstream society. It happens though local activities, national campaigns, volunteering opportunities, increased awareness of services, to name just a few. We are very keen to see more Eastern Europeans involved in those activities so we seek like-minded partners to make it happen. In particular, we encourage Eastern European community-based groups and mainstream and specialist charities to contact our Director to have a chat.

Business world

We work towards better engagement with the business world in order that companies understand better how to reach out to Eastern Europeans as employees and customers. We need their help to increase accessibility of British markets, such as private rented housing, banking and finance, transport, training and skills, specific industries and many other areas. Eastern Europeans are valued as excellent and hard workers. They are ambitious and devote large chunks of their lives to their work. Nevertheless, navigating the British systems and gaining decent jobs in desired industry does not come easy for people new to the country. Markets need to adapt to a new group of consumers as well. We want to help to bridge this gap and link people and companies together for their mutual and broader social benefit. We ask companies to get involved in our work by providing expertise, resources and time, for example by providing industry-specific mentoring, guidance on qualifications or signing up as speakers at workshops.

We believe that business partners possess wealth of knowledge and expertise that we need in order to be better and smarter in our planning and operations. We ask companies to devote their time, resources and expertise to help us be better at what we do, be it in a form of training, mentoring, resources or anything else they may find fit.

We are very flexible and open as to how we can work together. Contact our Director to have a chat if this is something your company could help with.

Academia and researchers

Evidencing needs of Eastern Europeans in London is at the heart of our approach to strategic planning and delivery. We welcome universities, research outfits and think tanks to speak to us if you have similar interests in knowing more about Eastern European migrants.

As a principle, we don’t cooperate with researchers on an ad-hoc basis but instead want to be involved in the research from the start. We have expertise and access to Eastern Europeans unchallenged by others and we can help you on the design stage so that everything is accounted for and the research is a success. This principle is enshrined in our Research Engagement Policy >>> Research Engagement Policy EERC 2015.