We are seeking volunteers with focus on events!

Events Organising Volunteer Wanted (Polish)

We are looking for creative and sociable volunteers to join our little East European Resource Centre volunteer team! You will be helping our Communities Support Manager with the set up and admin of events for our service users.

EERC is a registered charity, offering support, advice and advocacy to vulnerable Easter European migrants. Our service users are people from all walks of life, however it may become necessary to be able to communicate to them in their native language. For this role we are seeking a Polish speaker.

We are looking for:

+ A good communicator

+ Caring about your community

+ Interested in making a difference

+ Looking to expand your volunteering experience

+ Looking to build your experience at hosting, administration and management of events

If you are interested in the role, or would like to find out more, please write to volunteering@eerc.org.uk with the subject line “Events volunteer”.