EERC Works on the Mayor of London’s Campaign Promoting Worker’s Rights

Covid-19 has greatly affected the way people work, their rights and future prospects of living a decent life in the capital. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a huge rise in enquiries from people being laid off unfairly, falling through the cracks of government support schemes, exploited and being paid less than minimum wage, being bullied at work – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is now more important than ever that all workers have access to information and know their rights. 

East European Resource Centre has partnered with the Greater London Authority and the Mayor’s Office to develop a series of videos on the Furlough Scheme and Self Employment Support Scheme and translate videos on exploitation at work, maternity pay and more.

All these videos are available on the GLA’s Employment Rights Hub, where you can also find videos covering other relevant employment rights issues and information about employment and immigration advice services available in London.

Material last reviewed: 04/09/2020

What’s happening to the Furlough Scheme? 

You can find the Polish and Romanian versions on this video on Youtube.

I’m self-employed and financially affected by COVID-19. What can I do?

You can find the Polish and Romanian versions on this video on Youtube.

EERC has also translated: 

I’m pregnant – will I still get maternity pay during the pandemic? Watch in: Polish. 

I’m worried about my pay and conditions at work. Watch in: Polish and Romanian. 

I’m being asked to work but I’m supposed to be on furlough . Watch in: Polish and Romanian.

My employer isn’t following Government guidance on workplace safety. Watch in: Polish and Romanian.

I’ve been dismissed after raising concerns with my employer. What can I do? Watch in: Polish and Romanian.

We would like to thank the GLA and the Mayor of London for the having the initiative for this important campaign and for partnering with us and the other great charities to develop it.

EERC note: Some material in these videos may be outdated, with deadline dates changed. Please know that we are doing all in our power to update this information as often as possible. If you have any questions, please get in touch.