Employment rights


Census 2011 shows that 86% of Eastern European Londoners work. Our recent research East-Europeans-in-London-December-2013 (Dec 2015) shows that 40% of 455 respondents experienced serious work-related issues: exploitation (21%), withholding of wages (11%), abuse in the workplace (7%), unfair dismissal (5%). Close to the half of all respondents reported some workplace related issues that are neither of those mentioned. Of all people reporting work-related issues a large 30% of respondents felt they had to ‘put up with’ and 27% felt they had to change jobs. Some migrants took the issue to management but seeking professional advice was uncommon.

In light of huge reliance on work as source of income and taking account of often low-paid and temporary jobs Eastern Europeans have access to, our employment rights campaign is of crucial importance to welfare and wellbeing of these Londoners and their families. We offer information, outreach surgeries, workshops and tailored advice in some follow-up cases.

We work with stakeholders, such as trade unions, decision makers, other campaigning organisations and the broader civil society sector to contribute to changes beneficial to Eastern European migrants.

How to access this service: call us on 020 8741 1288 or 0800 121 4226.