We are looking for new volunteers

Are you passionate about workers rights? Do you want to help disadvantaged Eastern Europeans and improve their working conditions?

We are looking for Romanian, Lithuanian and Polish volunteers to help us with a new project.

In January this year we have started a new project, “Organising Migrant Workers”. The focus of this project is to organise Eastern European agency workers from the hotel and general cleaning industries, in order to improve their working conditions.

Moreover, we want to work with agencies to develop and share good practice.

Our extensive work in safeguarding workers rights has proven that there is a large group of Eastern European workers who do not know their rights and where to seek information and advice in case of any problems related to employment. They work long hours (often 6-7 days per week) so they are not able to seek any support in person.

Agency workers in the cleaning industry are especially affected by exploitation and bad working conditions.

This volunteering position is flexible and can be done outside working hours. You would help us with:

+ Outreaching to agency workers

+ Organising events and workshops

+ Research

+ Translating presentations and other materials

We are a small charity, but with a big soul and we couldn’t do it without our amazing volunteers. We provide training and group or individual support. You would work very closely with our staff members who are in charge of this project and you will have the opportunities to participate in different activities and trainings.

If you are interested, please contact volunteering@eerc.org.uk for more information.