Supporting families – The Z family case study

When a person comes through our doors, it’s hard to tell at a first glance the level of support that they will end up needing from us. Our very experienced senior advisers know how to ask the right questions and find out exactly how they can support individuals and families.

So was the case of the Z family, who were relatively newly arrivers here when they 1st came to us in June, they had been in the country for only a few months. The couple have 4 children dependent on them and a few more adult ones living in the same house. When they came to us they didn’t have any support or benefits, he was working cash in hand, she was unemployed, so as the adult children living with them, who just arrived in the country. They were struggling to pay rent and other bills.

In the past, they tried to apply for child benefit, through an accountant who, not knowing the rules, didn’t managed to get them these rightful benefits and they payed for their services as well.

We immediately applied for child benefits and started supporting Mr. Z and his eldest son in finding legal employment through our peer mentoring program. Our child benefit application was successful.

The eldest son, shortly managed to get a job in construction for him and his younger brother, but unfortunately it was through an umbrella company which was retaining extra fees from his wages. He received advice from our employment rights adviser, and equipped with all this information, the son and his youngest brother managed to easily get another job, a better payed one and stay away from dodgy umbrella companies.

After it became possible, we also applied for child tax credit, application which was successful as well.

In the end, the same peer volunteer mentor who helped the eldest son into employment, supported his new wife into finding a job as well.

Moreover, 3 members of the family were enrolled into our free English classes.

Regarding benefits, we managed to get them £4200 in child benefits, payed backdated, and 100/month onward, and almost £5000 in tax credits for 6 months, and 400/month for the rest of the financial year. Now all the adult members of the family are in legal work, and they moved into a bigger house.

Mr. Z, who is very grateful for our help, said: “you were our main support here in London, we couldn’t have done it without you” and the eldest son added: “What you do for people is truly essential and special, I don’t know how to thank you for this.”

Good advice makes a big difference in people’s lives, and we are always happy to help, call us at 020 8741 1288 to find out how we can assist you!