Director of Labour Market Enforcement

Yesterday we met with sir David Metcalf, the Director of Labour Market Enforcement to discuss the new enforcement strategy of his office. The meeting was organised by the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group which is maintained by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX).

It was an opportunity for us to have a say in DLME consultation and present case studies of Eastern European individuals being paid below National Minimum Wage (NMW). Those cases are rarely straightforward and being below NMW is often linked with not getting payslips and P60, not being paid sick leave or holiday pay, working long hours and being bullied at work. Consequently, all those issues should be address at the same time. We will share further case studies with Director of Labour Market Enforcement as we build on yesterday’s successful event.

More importantly, we talked about different ways of promoting awareness of rights and responsibilities of workers and employers. Our suggestion was that a leaflet with basic employment rights in native language should be included to the letter confirming National Insurance Number. This way government could easily reach every person entering the labour market.