Are you seeking immigration advice? Know about the risks of using illegal immigration advisors!

Since the Brexit vote, there has been a surge in the number of permanent residency applications for EU citizens.

We have definitely noticed a greater interest among Eastern Europeans in confirming their status in the UK. Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether it will be useful to possess the permanent residence card when the UK does eventually leave the EU, we do encourage people who are eligible, to do so.

Who is eligible?

EU citizens who have been living in the UK for the past 5 years, exercising their treaty rights, that means they have been engaging in one or more of:

+ work

+ self employment

+ self sufficiency

+ study

Although there is much more to say about eligibility and the evidence needed to prove that one is eligible, we want to draw attention to a surge in illegal immigration advice within our communities.

First of all, we want to state that if you chose to seek immigration advice and support in order to apply for the permanent residency card or British Citizenship, you should check if they are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. In the UK, only OISC registered immigration advisers (or solicitors, barristers and members of approved professional bodies) are legally able to provide immigration and asylum advice and services to the public. 

If they are not registered with OISC, they might have little or no knowledge of immigration law, and this might damage your permanent residency application and immigration status permanently. All the applications ever made to the Home Office, remain in their data base and when one makes a new one, the old applications are taken into consideration.

An unregulated immigration advisor cannot be held to account by the OISC or any other regulator for their actions, or any money you have paid to them, therefore we urge the members of our communities to please be careful when they give their money away.

A real immigration advisor should not claim to be able to influence or predetermine the outcome of your application, or arrange for your application to receive priority processing, instead they should be honest with you about your chances for a successful application.

Your accountant, unless registered with OISC, is not a legal immigration advisor. Your friends, although they might mean well, shouldn’t advise you on immigration matters either. If you are unsure about your Permanent Residency application and eligibility, is better that you don’t apply for the time being. Until UK actually leaves the EU, which is not going to be before March 2019, EU citizen’s status remains the same!  Don’t listen to rumours circulating in the community, call us if you have any questions: Free Advice Line 0800 121 4226. 

We deliver many free events on permanent residency and naturalisation in specific languages, please follow us on social media to find out more: Facebook and Twitter.

If you need immigration advice, please seek an advisor regulated by the OISC, or a regulated solicitor or barrister. East European Resource Centre is registered with the Office of Immigration Services’ Commissioner – level 1.

If you want to report an illegal immigration advisor or complain about one, please email