We are working towards becoming the 3rd party reporting site for hate crime

HO CST TellMAMA meeting 29032017On 29 March 2017 we met with the government representatives, TellMAMA and Community Safety Trust who have been helping us to become a third party reporting site for hate crimes committed against Poles and other Eastern Europeans in London and the UK.

We are committed to join the government, the civil society organisations and the criminal justice system to put a stop to hate crime that has been more pronounced since the Brexit referendum. To that aim we have been working with the government, with help and advice from TellMAMA and Community Safety Trust, to extend our activities in supporting victims of hate crime in reporting to the police and dealing with consequences of hate incidents.

Dealing with Hate Crime COVER 2017As a part of our commitment, we asked UKREN, a partner in our project ‘Eastern European Hate Crime Advocates’ to develop a plain English, no-nonsense guide on dealign with hate crime for victims and organisations supporting them. The guide, fresh from the press, is available to download here: Dealing With Hate Crime March17

The guide is co-funded by the Home Office and European Network Against Racism.

As usual, our helpline 020 8741 1288, 0800 121 4226 and email hatecrime@eerc.org.uk are open for all Poles and other members of Eastern European communities for advice and support in dealing with hate incidents. 

If you are a victim of hate crime and you feel under threat immediately call 999 and speak with the police, or dial 101 if the situation is less urgent. Alternatively, you can report hate incident online via True Vision www.report-it.org.uk/your-police-force.