We are looking for amazing Peer Educators! Is it you?

We are looking for Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Lithuanian speakers to join our amazing team as Peer Educator volunteers.

We find there is a real desire amongst migrant communities, especially amongst their more established members, to be more engaged with their co-nationals and to work together with community organisations to help the less fortunate of us.

Do you want a really hands on volunteering experience? The Peer Educator Role is a real opportunity for everybody who wants to make real impact on the lives of our users.

The Peer Educators project is a comprehensive response to the needs of EE migrants who face disadvantage and/or are vulnerable due to lack of awareness of their rights and entitlements. The key emphasis of the project is on helping EE migrants maximise their income by finding better jobs or, if work is not a possibility, through claiming rightful welfare aid. This support aims to help prevent the risk of homelessness and destitution, thanks to which they are in a position to get involved with their communities and become better integrated as equal and respected residents.

Our peer educators will offer one to one support and advice to our users. Key duties and responsibilities will include:

– Providing IT tuition focusing on using internet for finding jobs and other opportunities,

– assisting our staff with outreach activities to target communities,

– providing important feedback for the monitoring and evaluation of the project

– occasionally, delivering workshops/training sessions for groups of users.

We provide full training, support and supervision for our volunteers. Our tailored training will help give the best support to our users and we will give you the opportunity to continue to learn techniques and in depth information about the UK support and benefit system, immigration matters, employment rights and so on . You will be trained by professionals in: engaging with disadvantaged migrants, active listening and effective communication skills, mental health awareness, and we provide additional training for our long-term volunteers such as: presentation skills and facilitating workshops and public education events.

To find out more, please download the Peer Educator Role Description!

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We are a small charity and our lovely volunteers are a very important part of our team. Read what they have to say about volunteering with us:

“Last year I watched a fantastic documentary that opened my eyes to the issues my countrymen were facing in the UK; it made me realize how much I resembled them in my search for a better life, but also how fortunate I had been due to my education and my job, and how sheltered from the problems they faced. I wanted to help and keep learning about their issues and potential solutions, so I became involved with the East European Resource Centre.

Together with staff members and other volunteers, we organized events for Romanian migrant communities in London, and I had the chance to get involved in all phases: devising the format, building relationships with key stakeholders, and reaching out to Romanian communities. I became very passionate about our project, and was overjoyed by the positive feedback and outcomes we achieved by better informing and advising the participants.”

Sorin, Community Champion

“I have been volunteering with EERC for almost one year; currently I am involved in the project “Living Rights” in role of Community Champion, whose goal is to provide awareness and information on rights of EU nationals living in UK. My responsibilities are to make meaningful contacts with Eastern Europeans local community, promotion of positive integration by sharing knowledge of rights and responsibilities, raising civic events, outreach session to members of target communities and encourage them to attend.

I feel that the time I spend in volunteering really makes a difference, especially the feeling of giving without expecting anything in return is really satisfactory. And then, when you realise the social impact of what you have been doing, it becomes invaluable as well.

Volunteering has been important part of my daily life and helped me gain new experience and enhance knowledge and skills in various fields including human rights, non formal education, public speaking and team working. Also I have gained loads of satisfaction and fun through my voluntary post, met new people and made new friends and learnt how to manage and overcome different challenges.

I believe that sometimes knowledge gained from experience is more important than knowledge gained from books and I hope that I can prove it in my further engagement with EERC.”

Oliver, Community Champion

“I have been living in London since 2015. Ever since I came, I was looking for a place where I can contribute to society in my own way, and I knew I found the right organization when I joined EERC. After I participated at an event in September last year, I became really fond of the people working there, especially the CEO, a truly inspirational person. I immediately offered to be a volunteer and I am always really happy to help. I really like being part of EERC.”

Aurelia, Romanian Volunteer

“As a volunteer at the EERC I provide translations from English to Czech. This volunteer role does not require any travelling, I make use of some spare time in the evenings- all I need is a laptop and broadband. I appreciate being part of active community which reaches out to others. Through EERC I have met many inspirational people who are passionate about their job and I am able to follow updates and news about the Eastern European community in London and Great Britain. “
Barbora, Czech Volunteer Translator