We met with Polish parliamentarians to discuss hate crime targeted at Poles after the Brexit referendum

On Wednesday, 18 January 2017, we met with a group of Polish MPs: Konrad Głębocki, Małgorzata Wypych, Anna Schmidt-Rodziewicz, Bożena Kamińska and Zbigniew Gryglas to discuss current state of affairs in regards to hate crime targeted at Poles in the UK. Having discussed a number of current issues as well as the potential for future spike of hate incidents around triggering the Article 50 by Prime Minister Ms. Theresa May, we received words of support and offers of cooperation to eradicate all forms of hate and racially motivated incidents against Poles in Britain.

More on the visit here (txt in Polish): http://www.gazetaprawna.pl/artykuly/1011835,wielka-brytania-wizyta-polskich-poslow-w-sprawie-przestepstw-z-nienawisci.html