We met Council of Europe’s Rapporteur, Mr Andrea Rigoni, to discuss integration of migrants in the labour market

On Wednesday, 11 January 2017, we attended a meeting with Mr Andrea Rigoni, Member of Parliament in Italy and a Representative at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Mr Rigoni has been appointed by the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons of that Assembly as Rapporteur for a report on Migration as an opportunity for European development. In preparation of his report, Mr Rigoni was conducting a fact-finding visit to London and we very much appreciated an opportunity to meet him to discuss the integration of migrants in the labour market.

Our representative, Kasia Zagrodniczek, has been our lead on outreach to workers in precarious employment and an adviser on rights of the employed and self-employed. Kasia shared our observations and views that were solely based on enquiries and casework we have collected over the last three years as well as reflections on labour integration that comes from our outreach.

We are grateful to Mr Rigoni for the opportunity to express our views with hope that the meting will contribute to recommendations of the Council of Europe.