Sad news from Harlow, Essex – a Polish man killed in alleged racial hate murder

Very sad news from Harlow, Essex. A Polish man Arkadiusz Jozwik died on Monday from a vicious attack. It is alleged that the attack was racially motivated. It is alleged that the direct motivation for the attack by a group of teenagers was the fact Arkadiusz was speaking Polish with his friend while eating pizza in a Harlow shopping parade.

Our thoughts are with Arkadiusz’s family in this very difficult moment. 

METRO 31082016 Arkadiusz Jozwik hate crime death HarlowBBC, Evening Standard, The Sun, Mail Online and Metro all wrote about this shocking story. Arkadiusz moved in to the UK in 2012 and worked in a  meat factory. He was known to be a family man spending time with his brother and children, and lived with his mum.

Left: Metro article, 31 08 2016





METRO 19052016 DagmaraPrzybysz pupil suicide in CornwallArkadiusz is not the only victim of racially motivated hatred and bullying. In May a Polish schoolgirl Dagmara Przybysz committed suicide. It is alleged that racially motivated bullying was the reason for this tragic step of a young woman who will never experience life in its best. Reports mentioned that Dagmara had reported racial bullying to the school authorities but her concerns were unaddressed.

Left: Metro article, 19 05 2016




Even though hate speech, racially motivated discrimination and harassment, and hate crime are – sadly – not new to Eastern Europeans communities, it is fundamental that we, all Eastern European residents in the UK, stand up for ourselves.

Report all incidents to:

Saying nothing doesn’t help and won’t make it go away. We are all equal and should be treated as respected residents. A place of birth is not an excuse to bully, harass, discriminate and intimidate.