We are in Sky News talking about British citizenship and anxiety over Brexit

We are in Sky News article talking about the increase of interest in applications to become a British citizen. This increase has been sparked by fears over the future of Eastern Europeans and other EU nationals post the Brexit referendum. The article also quotes Eastern European nationals who made their lives for themselves and families in the UK and are afraid that they may be asked ‘to leave’.

We have received an increase of 740% in enquiries about help with applying for Permanent Residence certificate and citizenship comparing with the whole last year (to 31 December 2015).

Increase has become very visible since Mr. Cameron, British PM, completed the UK-EU membership renegotiations and declared the date of the Brexit referendum: between February and 23 June 2016 three times more people requested help with residence and citizenship comparing with the whole previous year. Since the referendum we have been inundated with immigration advice help: between 24 June and 24 August 2016 we received five times more requests for help comparing to the whole previous year. We expect this trend to be rising.