New report on labour abuses and exploitation from Labour Exploitation Advisory Group

Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG) of which we are members, has published a new research addressing the issue of labour abuses that in certain circumstances turn into exploitation and modern slavery. The report contains also a number of recommendations to public agencies concerned about labour relations and exploitation.

Read the report here.

We have participated in this study as still too many Eastern Europeans fall victim to labour exploitation. It starts with ‘innocent’ mistakes in calculating wages or asking workers to stay longer at work, or misleading workers about their work status (e.g. workers are led to believe they are self-employed in order to avoid paying holiday and sick leave) and may end in modern slavery, where a worker loses control over his or hers freedom to leave work and is forced to do what the exploiter wants him or her to do. Often victims of exploitation are verbally and physically abused, bullied and discriminated against. Once a worker becomes effectively enslaved, he or she has no say over their lives – and this is not only a serious crime but also human rights abuse.