After the referendum – has anything changed for Eastern Europeans? No.

Ever since the outcome of the Brexit referendum is known, there has been a flurry of communications regarding the status of EU nationals living in the UK as well as letters and petitions demanding from the government that they confirm this status for us. Without shadow of doubt, these attempts were good-willed and aimed at genuinely reassuring EU nationals, their employers, landlords and all relevant parties that EU nationals wouldn’t need to leave the UK. The unintended outcome of this activity has been to build up the atmosphere of anxiety and doubt – what if really something has changed??

For the same period of time we have been saying that the referendum is not equal to Brexit. Nothing has changed for EU nationals, British and European businesses and anyone else benefiting from the membership of the UK in the European Union. Nothing will change for all of us until the UK actually leaves the EU. 

The government has published a concise brief confirming as much: we encourage all to read it here.

If nothing has changed for us now, will it stay the same forever? Sadly, this is where the answer is: NO. The status of EU nationals living in the UK will be decided as a part of exit negotiations. While EU nationals who have gained a permanent resident status may feel safe, other groups of EU nationals and their families are in much more uncertain situation. As are EU nationals who won’t have gained the permanent resident status at the point of the UK leaving the EU (which may be in 2-3 years time or earlier).

Is there any advice we can give now?

  1. If you have been a resident of the UK for the continues period of 5 years as a qualified person so you can apply for a permanent residence certification – do it to protect yourself and prove your immigration status
  2. If your family members qualify for a permanent residence certification (or a card if they are not EEA nationals) so they can apply for these documents – encourage them to apply
  3. If you qualify for any form of immigration documentation that confirms your immigration status – apply for it as it may be invaluable after the Brexit

If you need advice and support with your applications – contact us immediately 020 8741 1288 or email

Remember: using unregistered and unregulated services from people pretending to be OISC logoimmigration advisers is very dangerous and may affect your future applications to the Home Office. 
Providing unregistered and unregulated immigration advice is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE that may end in a custodial sentence. Advisers who CAN provide immigration advisers are those that:

  • are registered solicitors or barristers
  • are registered individually with the immigration advice regulator OISC and work in an organisation registered with the OISC

If you have been approached by unregistered adviser or realised that your adviser is not registered – contact OISC immediately and make complaint. We can help you to make a complaint or we can lodge it on your behalf – contact us if you need help. You are a victim of fraud so you are