IMPORTANT – citizenships of Eastern European children registered between 2009 and 2014 as British citizens may be revoked

The Guardian is writing about the decision of Home Office to possibly revoke citizenships of hundreds of Eastern European children who were registered as British citizens between 2009 and 2014. The decision was made following the discovery of error in the application process where parents were not asked to present Workers Registration Scheme (WRS) certificate in the process of registration. Passports may be taken away if parents fail to present WRS certificate when applying for renewal of children’s passports.

We are saying in the Guardian article that the whole Eastern European community feels the possibility of revoking nationality as a shock and that many of us work hard in the UK to guarantee the best possible future for their children. Revoking citizenship is unacceptable, especially as it follows Home Office’s own procedural error.
Read the whole article here.

We have already received first reports of children’s citizenship being questioned. We are calling all Eastern European families in this situation to let us know so we can assess the scale of the problem and take action.

We believe that the mistake made by the Home Office should not affect our children, their status as British citizens and their future in the UK. We are calling Home Office to review its decision.