We met Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority CEO to agree principles of our partnership

Yesterday we met Paul Broadbend, a CEO of Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority (GLA) to discuss how we can work together for the benefit of Eastern European workers. Together with the GLA we are rolling out a series of information events across London targeting specifically those who work in food processing and agricultural occupations. We are starting in September 2016 so watch this space for updates.

We also discussed changes to GLA’s work remit – in autumn 2016 GLA is going to expand to cover other industries that bring exploitation risks to workers and these may include construction, catering and hospitality. We have been supporting this move as many Eastern European workers work in these sectors. Information and data from our advice records and outreach events has been contributing directly to shaping new GLA’s powers.

We believe that only through effective partnership between migrant organisations (EEAC) and statutory protection agencies (GLA, HM Revenue & Customs, the police) we can bring positive changes alive, increase people’s awareness of their rights and eradicate migrant worker exploitation forever.

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PaulBroadband GLAGangmasters’ Licensing Authority (GLA) is responsible for regulating and licensing businesses that employ people in agriculture, food processing and fishery/shellfish industries. If you work on a farm, in a meat processing factory, fruit and vegetable processing plant or on sea trawlers – your employer has to be licensed by the GLA. These are examples as there are many more places of work where GLA is responsble for ensuring that your rights are protected. Contact GLA onĀ 0800 432 0804 if you are not sure about your work conditions, there are problems with your pay, you have a question or you want to report abuse. You can report problem without revealing your name if you feel unsafe or threatened by your employer.