We contributed to drafting community responses to human trafficking – 2nd European workshop PRO-ACT, 20-21 April 2016

PRO-ACT EU London workshop 20-12Apr2016On 20 and 21 April we took part in the second European workshop relating the improvement of identification and support of victims of human trafficking.

In July 2015 we went to Amsterdam as guest contributors of the first European Workshop within the EU project PRO-ACT looking at improving methods of identifying and supporting victims of human trafficking. In Amsterdam we discussed best ideas of how to help victims to break free from slavery, support them to identification as victims, provide practical support after they have been identified, and access justice and retribution for the crime they fell victims to.

The second European Workshop brought back together representatives of over 40 non-governmental organisations, mainly from charities specialising in victim support and migrant charities but also trade unions, research outfits and some statutory services such as the police. This workshop reviewed outcomes of three pilot projects – in the UK, Netherlands and Romania – and gave us an opportunity to share views and comment on four practical strategies to tackle human trafficking.

We looked at:

  • community involvement and outreach to help victims in self-identification and access to support
  • provision of information and legal advice, before detection, during identification and while in the support system
  • counselling and provision of diverse psychological support to victims
  • needs and risk assessment as a practical tool to empower and improve support to victims

More details on strategies and our response to them you can find in our blog. More on the project you will find on FLEX’s website.

We want to know what you think! Please email voice@eeac.org.uk and let us know your opinions and views on what would be the best way to tackle human trafficking among Eastern Europeans. Help us draft an effective programme of work so that we can help our expats self-identify and seek help and justice!

Do you know anyone who was or is a victims of forced labour? Have YOU ever been a victim of forced labour? Email at voice@eeac.org.uk and let us learn from your experiences, hear stories and understand the problem better so that we can target activities and provide as good a response as possible.