"Our vision is of London being home to Central and Eastern European (CEE) migrants where they can make choices about their families, work and homes, and live fulfilled lives as respected members of local communities. Our mission is supporting CEE migrants who experience poverty, exploitation and social exclusion in order to help them to make choices about their lives and realize their potential as equal members of communities."

Free Information Event for EU Nationals

Brexit is moving ahead fast, but uncertainty is still looming over the future status of EU nationals living in the UK. To conclude our 2 years of  “Living Rights” project, a project part funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union, designed to foster successful inclusion and participation of EEA citizens living […]

Director of Labour Market Enforcement

Yesterday we met with sir David Metcalf, the Director of Labour Market Enforcement to discuss the new enforcement strategy of his office. The meeting was organised by the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group which is maintained by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX). It was an opportunity for us to have a say in DLME consultation and […]

Free Permanent Residency workshops for Romanians, Polish and Bulgarians

We are organising a series of events for our Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian communities in Brent, part of the Brent Eastern European Fair on the 17th of June. Knowing that Eastern Europeans are keen to find out more about securing their status in the UK after Brexit, our workshops will be on permanent residency and British […]

Free Permanent Residency workshop for Romanian speakers

We are organising a new workshop on permanent residency and British Citizenship for the Romanian community. The workshop will take place on 13th of June, at Romanian Cultural Centre, London  ( Manchester Square, 18 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 6EQ), from 18:30. To reserve a place, please contact voice@eerc.org.uk.  

Free Permanent Residency workshop for Polish speakers

We are happy to invite you to another permanent workshop – on the 6th of June, from 7  – 9 pm at POSK.  During the two hours, we will go through the application process and eligibility and we will also have some time for questions.  To book a place, please contact ula@eerc.org.uk or call 020 8741 1288.

We are working towards becoming the 3rd party reporting site for hate crime

On 29 March 2017 we met with the government representatives, TellMAMA and Community Safety Trust who have been helping us to become a third party reporting site for hate crimes committed against Poles and other Eastern Europeans in London and the UK. We are committed to join the government, the civil society organisations and the criminal […]

What is the new settled status and what you need to do about Brexit?

On December the 8th, the UK government and the EU reached an important step in the negociations for exiting the EU regarding citizens rights . How does that affect you? For now, you don’t need to take any action.  There will be no change to the status of EU citizens living in the UK while […]

Supporting families – The Z family case study

When a person comes through our doors, it’s hard to tell at a first glance the level of support that they will end up needing from us. Our very experienced senior advisers know how to ask the right questions and find out exactly how they can support individuals and families. So was the case of […]

Disadvantaged EU nationals roundtable in London’s City Hall

On 1 November 2017 we were invited to speak at the roundtable called by the London Mayor’s Office in regards to the needs of disadvantaged EU Londoners in the light of the approaching Brexit. We presented challenges and solutions specifically relating to older Eastern Europeans, who are routinelly left out of the Brexit conversations, and […]

National minimum wage is still an issue

While the majority of our clients are aware of National Minimum Wage (NMW), many are still being paid below NMW. The problem is not limited to informal sectors and micro enterprises. For example, one of the clients who was paid below NMW was working ‘cash in hand’ in a local post office. Many Eastern European […]

From not being paid to challenging your employer in court – a complete journey

Confusion and lack of information about one’s rights at work is causing high levels of exploitation and unpaid wages in the Eastern European communities. Lack of language skills, lack of knowledge of the system and social exclusion make it harder for workers to understand their rights and makes it easy for unscrupulous employers to take […]

Special Camden Council meeting on Brexit

We were invited to Special Camden Council Meeting on Brexit on the 23rd October 2017. It was an opportunity for us to raise issues that EU communities are facing in this uncertain time. We talked about lack of awareness among EU nationals about their rights and about sources of reliable support when things go wrong. We […]